An Organizational Diversity Survey Primer
Who are you?  What do you want?  Why are up here?



Senior Consultant

NANCY SUNG SHELTON is a Senior Consultant, Cultural Competence, Equity, & Social Justice
Ms. Sung-Shelton is a Senior Consultant in Consulting Services. In this role, she provides an array of consultation, technical assistance and training support to organizations. She has more than years of experience working with disadvantaged and underserved populations in a variety of management positions.  Her work experience has included working in the Criminal...Read More

Mary Moussa Rogers, M.A.

Mary Moussa Rogers, M.A.

RIT Clinical Psychology Intern

Mary Moussa Rogers is a first-generation college student, Lebanese American, and Ph.D graduate student at Mississippi State University. Her research focuses on the context (i.e., family, culture) of health risk behavior and impulsivity as well as preventative methods. Her dissertation was the first accepted proposal for Psi Chi’s Network for International Collaborative Exchange crowdsourcing program. She has also received a master’s degree in clinical psychology...Read More

An Organizational Diversity Survey Primer - Who are you?  What do you want?  Why are you here?

Organizations are seeking to create inclusive and welcoming environments and may not realize that so many of their employees do not feel visible. Standard demographic evaluations of employees may be creating a culture of silence and invisibility. Re-examine the way you ask demographic questions and how it can inform a lot about your organization as well as about the quality of service your organization provides within your community! In this webinar we will demonstrate the creation of a diversity survey tool that can be an important step on your organizations journey toward diversity and inclusion!
Date and Time:  Wednesday, June 23, 2021‚Äč from 1:30–2:30pm


CCSI Facilitation Team

Nancy Sung Shelton, MA
Senior Consultant
Cultural Competence, Equity, and Social Justice

Mary Moussa Rogers, MA
Clinical Psychology Intern
Rochester Institute of Technology