Customer Stories



What opportunity did HHUNY see?

Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY) is a management services organization that provides administrative support and governance to four affiliated Health Homes and more than 65 care management agencies in New York State. As a subsidiary of New York Care Coordination Program (NYCCP), its mission is to create a person-centered, recovery-oriented system of care for Medicaid recipients with chronic conditions.

When it became an independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2013, HHUNY saw the benefit of outsourcing infrastructure work such as human resources and information technology in order to allow its employees to focus on their mission. HHUNY engaged CCSI to manage HR and IT functions and to provide fiscal officer and compliance support.

How has CCSI approached the work?

Today, CCSI runs all human resources functions for HHUNY, including hiring, benefits management, payroll, and training, as well as information technology support. HHUNY staff are CCSI employees dedicated to working on-site for HHUNY. In addition, HHUNY regularly taps into the expertise of CCSI’s consultants, in areas such as diversity training, grant proposals, contract management, and data analytics. 

What have been the impacts of CCSI's work? 

HHUNY Executive Director Deborah Salgueiro says, “Any time there’s been an issue of need, CCSI has provided phenomenal backup.” For example, when HHUNY’s controller left the organization, CCSI helped hire a replacement and managed the responsibilities of the job in the interim. CCSI staff helped avert a crisis by ensuring that the large number of Medicaid payments HHUNY processes each week went out on schedule. 

What insight has HHUNY gained from working with CCSI? 

“CCSI knows us, understands our business model,” says Ms. Salgueiro. “What’s nice about CCSI is they offer a whole package of interconnected services – not just an HR department. They’re intimately engaged and are there as a resource, even to the extent of dealing with issues that employees are facing.  They’re very invested in the work. The work is aligned with their values and strategic initiatives. There’s a feel that our success is their success. That real investment in an agency is something unique.”