Job Information

Job ID: 410
Updated: 4/24/2019 11:12:51 AM
Job Title: Quality Improvement Specialist
Location: Rochester

A Brief Job Description:

We value data driven decision-making and the Quality Improvement Specialist  is critical to that process. In this role, you will work with the internal and external customers to define their needs, manage and analyze data, and create the reports and analyses that help them to understand and manage their programs and improve service quality and operating efficiency.  This  work will include solid applied research methods and data analysis skills, and the ability to translate data into information that can readily be used by a wide range of internal and external customers to support performance management and quality improvement initiatives.

Contact Information

Program/Department: Business Management Services
Contact: Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Address: 1099 Jay Street, Bldg. J, 3rd Fl
Email: mdacquisto@ccsi.org

• Healthcare business process and/or practice analysis skills including:

o Use of a range of analytic tools (e.g., SPSS, Tableau, Excel) to produce reports and analyses that help our customers to understand service needs, operating practices, and outcomes;

o Creation of the charts, graphs, dashboards, and clear written descriptions that allow this information to be shared in a way that is understandable and actionable; 

o Development of a solid working knowledge of a wide range of public and proprietary data sources, including Medicaid claims and encounter data (e.g., Salient); and

o Collaboration with customers and other team members to efficiently import, clean, transform, validate, and model data to support analysis objectives.

• Strong analytic, statistical, and data management skills, including knowledge of basic data cleaning and management practices and familiarity with standard quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques

• Strong web-based research skills, including experience reviewing professional journals and publications as well as reviewing other service delivery systems to identify best practice models and methods and to produce useful information and knowledge

• Develop and implement methodologically rigorous evaluation, services research, and outcomes measurement (with support and supervision from the Project Lead)

• Perform data analysis, statistical modeling, and forecasting as needed (with support from Project Lead)

• A working knowledge of relational database technologies (e.g., SQL, Microsoft SQL Server)

• Demonstrated experience in working with Medicaid (e.g., Salient) and other healthcare claims data (e.g., PSYCKES, electronic medical records) to support planning, performance management and quality improvement initiatives

• Excellent customer service skills, with the ability to assess needs, troubleshoot problems, develop solutions, and manage expectations (with guidance from the Project Lead)

• Strong written and oral communications skills; ability to describe results of analyses to both technical (e.g., academic publications) and non-technical audiences

• Ability to coordinate, balance and manage multiple projects and priorities

• High degree of comfort working individually with limited guidance, taking initiative to find solutions and complete deliverables, as well as collaborating with team members and other experts to develop and use multi-disciplinary solutions where needed

• Recognizes and values diversity within the work environment.  Appreciates the importance of understanding culture in the development, design, and evaluation of programs and services.


• Master’s degree in an analytical field such as Public Health, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance or Economics with a minimum of 3 years of research and analytic experience in healthcare/human services.