Job Information

Organization: The Center for Youth
Job Title: Crisis Nursery Specialist
Posting Start: 09/11/2019
Posting End: 10/31/2019
Location: Rochester, NY

A Brief Job Description:

OVERVIEW: The Crisis Nursery provides a safe, nurturing environment for children from birth to age 12 whose families are in crisis. Our goal is to keep siblings together during a crisis. For up to 72 hours, children can live at the nursery, cared for by our trained staff and volunteers. The goals are two-fold: first and most important, to provide temporary care for children at risk of abuse and neglect. We provide support to families and caregivers, so they have a place to turn before abuse occurs. We work to provide the necessary referrals to get families the help they need. The Crisis Nursery Specialist is responsible for supervising all volunteers at The Crisis Nursery and Owen’s House, to provide a caring living environment for the children and families being served. The Specialist’s duties are a combination of volunteer recruitment, maintenance, orientation, training, support, and scheduling. Furthermore, the Specialist is responsible for mentoring and coaching up to 100 volunteers, on their roles and duties. This is a full-time, twelve (12) month position. This is a full-time position. Flexible availability required. The pay is $15/hour.

Contact Information

Contact Information: e-mail: fax: (585) 271-8134