Complete solutions that provide talent and infrastructure to propel your programs and services forward.

Program Management Services for Your Organization


Get clarity on where you’re going.  CCSI can help you develop a program model, service delivery structure, operational goals, practices and procedures, guided by your priorities and vision.



Staff up quickly to meet your needs. CCSI can provide the qualified staffing you need to get programs up and running and keep your organization operating efficiently and effectively.



Get infrastructure support all in one place. CCSI provides customers with the full range of services and back office supports needed for successful project and program management, including staffing and facilities, as well as financial and contract management.



Access expertise in a variety of disciplines. CCSI’s staff are subject matter experts in their field, and they leverage their experience and knowledge to support organizations, from healthcare systems and school districts to locally implemented programs. CCSI offers you specialized support in critical areas like data management and analysis, evaluation and cultural competence.

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Rodney Corry, MA, LMHC

Rodney Corry, MA, LMHC

Vice President, Program Management Services

Organizations increasingly look to CCSI to provide the specialized staffing and related supports needed to quickly get new programs and services up and running – and to keep them operating efficiently and effectively.  CCSI’s Program Management service line includes a growing number of staff working in programs on behalf of CCSI customers across Upstate New York. Many of these programs are based at customer locations, guided by the customer’s priorities...Read More

Some current projects include:

Monroe County Office of Mental Health - CCSI has provided behavioral health management services to the MCOMH since 1993.  Through a dedicated team based on-site within MCOMH work space, CCSI provides support in the areas of financial and contract management; quality, accountability, and data management; and policy and planning.  In addition, we provide staffing for a range of programs in the MCOMH's Priority Services area, including:  Forensic Services, Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), Transition Management, Single Point of Access for Mental Health and Chemical Dependency, Rapid Engagement Demonstration Pilot, Disaster Mental Health, Children's Specialized Services, and Trauma, Illness and Grief (TIG) in Schools.

Navigator Program - Funded by the New York State Department of Health, the IPA / Navigator program provides one-on-one assistance for individuals and small businesses interested in shopping for and enrolling in health insurance through The New York State of Health - the Official Health Plan Marketplace. Navigators are now available to meet with individuals, families and small businesses at various locations throughout the community to provide education about the different types of health insurance plans offered through the New York State of Health marketplace and to assist with enrollment into public insurance programs and qualified health plans.

New York Care Coordination Program (NYCCP) - The NYCCP is a multi-county, multi-stakeholder collaborative focused on improving outcomes for individuals with serious behavioral health issues. Overall project management is provided by Deborah Salgueiro, Executive Director NYCCP.  CCSI project management services include staffing, financial management, data analysis, and performance reporting.